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Introduction to Grupo Megga

From the foundation in 1991, Grupo Megga has evolved to become a leader in its segment, plastic machinery and machine tools.

The Company's main activities are sales, marketing and technical service. The Company relies on its global suppliers for production and manufacture, which allows it to remain focused on present and future customer needs and requirements.

The Company has constructed a strong sales presence throughout the Brazilian territory, consisting of more than 50 sales representatives. More than a decade of experience has teached that hiring, training, motivating and managing the sales team is a key activity to success. Sales men compensation is based predominantly on commission. Key executives have monthly meetings with all sales representatives in SP state, where information from the competition is gathered and sales reps discuss new products or financing alternatives. Every 6 months there are national sales meetings.

Marketing in the Group is more than advertising and promotion. Besides participating in more than 10 trade shows each year throughout the county, and developing and publishing advertisements, Grupo Megga also conducts marketing research to study customer satisfaction. Research may lead to the co-development of new features, specifications or even entirely new products. Marketing research also back up decisions on new representative and distribution agreements.

With strong marketing capabilities and a solid sales structure, Grupo Megga has become a preferred distribution channel for suppliers and OEMs to explore the Brazilian market. Vendors, or partners, also are attracted to Grupo Megga's professionalism and commitment. Strict compliancy to all business agreements, good communication and long term perspective. Grupo Megga is very serious about partner relations. Grupo Megga has repeatedly provided its partners with strong penetration in the domestic market and has a strong track record of success with chosen partners.

If your company is interested to become our partner, please send an email to atendimento@grupomegga.com. For more information on Grupo Megga, you can click on technical service, mission, values, product divisions.

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